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  1. Open Blackberry icon.
  2. Click on Email Settings.
  3. Log into your BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) account.
  4. On the homepage, click Email Accounts.
  5. Under Email Accounts, click Add New (POP3 Account).
  6. In the Email Account Set-up, enter the following information:
    • Email Address:
    • UserName:
    • Password: Your WebMail Password
    • Confirm Password: Your WebMail Password
  7. Click Submit or Next.

    Since you are adding a POP3 email account, you will need to enter the following:

    • Email Server:
    • Port Number: 110
  8. Click Submit

Note: Your Blackberry device will download new messages from your email account, however, outgoing mail will be sent from your Blackberry service provider. Because of this, no outgoing mail setup is required.

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