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Incoming email:

Outgoing email:


To SET UP your email account in Outlook:

1. Click File > Add account:

2. Enter your email address, and click 'Connect'

3. Enter your password and click 'Connect'

4. Outlook will attempt to work out the correct settings for your account.


If it fails:

1. Click 'Change account settings':

Make sure the settings are as below, changing to use your actual email address domain.
For example, for us at Media Two, it would be

If you have the correct email address AND correct password (copied and pasted from what we sent you), AND your domain has not expired, then it will work.


To EDIT your existing account in Outlook:

  1. Click File
  2. Click 'account Settings' button
  3. In the drop menu, click 'Server settings'



Enter your details in the windows similar to the below images, but replacing the username, password and server with your settings.



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